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PowerVue system

Try a system at home for two weeks!

The only way to really know how invaluable a VideoEye system will be is to experience it for yourself in your own home.  We make it easy to try a system and discover how important a VideoEye magnification system can be.  Call us to learn how the two-week trial program works.

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Dial 800 416-0758 to reach a personal representative.

There are several steps we can take to help you understand how effective different VideoEye models might be for the your level of visual impairment.  We can provide a free low vision eyechart that helps us find out if a VideoEye would be effective for you and to suggest the models that would help the most.

We can answer other questions for you and help you choose a system that will be a good match for your current level of visual impairment.  And remember: an assistive VideoEye can easily pay for itself by helping you continue living independently at home instead of moving to an assisted living center.


NOTE: We NEVER sell or release your contact information, email or any other information you furnish. Please see our privacy policy.

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