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The VideoEye Story

 In 1992, Dorothy McCormick, a retired English teacher in Nampa Idaho, was beginning to experience diminished vision from macular degeneration. She was 87 years old, and had lost her husband Mac the year before, after more than 50 years of marriage. She continued to lead an active life with her family and friends, still driving and living in her own home. But her weakening eyesight made it increasingly difficult to enjoy reading, knitting and working with her extensive antique bell collection. She was also finding it difficult to correspond with friends in other states, and doing routine tasks like reading instructions, recipes and her mail.
 Dorothy was Lin Waterman’s grandmother. Lin set up the first experimental VideoEye system for her during the summer of 1992, and she discovered a new world of vision. Her independence was intact and the joy of reading books returned. Two years later, she hung up her car keys and moved to a retirement center and continued living an active independent life, thanks in large part to her VideoEye.  
During these years the VideoEye was improved with the supported arm design. The innovative sliding fulcrum arm was developed and patented. By 1998, thousands of customers across the US were using VideoEye systems to continue enjoy reading and living independently with diminished vision. In the years since, VideoEye has introduced breakthroughs like the remote control PowerZoom, the SideKick pivoting armchair magnification table, and now the breakthrough Vivid high definition systems that bring lifelike magnification clarity.
Dorothy celebrated her 100'th birthday in 2005 and lived to be 101 1/2. Her life was marked by upbeat cheerfulness, a quest for knowledge, love of music, and always a keen interest and affection for her fellow man. Her life is an inspiration to all of us at VideoEye.