Standard VideoEye Product Page

SVE; June 2008; 19'' LCD monitor; RGB1.jpg

Standard VideoEye

  • 25x magnification
  • Auto Focus
  • Mirror attachment
  • Easy to use

The Standard VideoEye has opened doors of vision for thousands of users. Easy to use and powerful for basic magnification. Just turn it and watch the autofocus feature take over with a clear magnified image of anything you place under the camera.

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with 32" screen
1,995.00 2,395.00
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without screen
1,595.00 1,795.00
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The Standard features the patented articulating VideoEye arm. The camera virtually floats above your work surface and is easy to interact with and move. It can also extend over a user's lap to help with handwork.

We ship the Standard VideoEye with a 32" screen which gives up to 25x power. Magnification level is easy to adjust by raising or lowering the camera.

The system includes the mirror attachment accessory so you can see yourself for grooming.